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    amiga4001 wrote:
    So I am using soundfx the version from the amigafuture website.
    Runs great and I manage to glue together a few recorded sounds into one long sample.
    But can I join recorded sounds onto the sample?
    For example I want to hear the sound off a starting steamengine while there is a song playing in the background.
    This gives some more effect to my final sample off course.

    First let me say I know nothing about tracker or mod software, or really about any music mixing software at all, so I am guessing with this comment. My guess is that some of these music editing software programs have layers, or perhaps in the music world, they are called "tracks", which overlap each other and are played simultaneously, so if you want to play the sound of a steam engine with music playing in the background, isn't it as easy as having the music play from one layer or track, and the steam engine playing from another layer or track? I also guess that multiple tracks or layers can be recorded as one new layer or track, and then added to other layers or tracks, in a new editing instance, but then you can not separate out any particular layer or track, to adjust what you are working on. Seems to me that even very old Amiga software could handle at least 4 tracks, and some, like "Sound Studio" or Bars & Pipes I think could handle up to 16 tracks (probably needed a dedicated Zorro sound card).

    I'll stop guessing, and let the real sound/music experts answer your questions now.
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