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    Amigaharry2 wrote: [...I've also tested a lot of different branded sticks/CF/SD. I cannot believe that they all are faulty.

    I'd generally agree that some USB sticks that are FAT formatted (default format when supplied new) get to a point, even when they are new, and sometimes after only a few MB or sometimes even less, end up stalling/failing to complete a data transfer.

    I usually use mains powered USB hubs as they are more reliable, due the extra "grunt"/power supplied to the device to get the best chance of it completing a data transfer, but often even with a powered USB hub they fail.

    It is rarer for that to occur on a ex-FAT (Long filename formatted HDD) formatted HDD, but even then I get instances when they stall, and the HDD dismounts from the USB/Poseidon system, but once it's been unplugged/reconnected/recognised by Poseidon correctly it will continue afterwards and eventually complete the data transfer.

    So, FAT formatted flash/pen drive/USB sticks (whatever you want to call them) are more unreliable with MorphOS, and rarely encounter such issues on Windows systems, but are prone to this problem, as Amigaharry2 has correctly identified, that seems to point to Poseidon/USB infrastructure of MorphOS, due to it being so uncommon when using a Windows based system. I don't like saying this but it seems to be more inherent in MorphOS than Windows.

    Amigaharry2 wrote: Indeed, there are sometimes strange errors useing FAT: During copying some files (e.g. about 3GB) to a 8GB-stick, suddenly "Cannot copy xxxxx because xxxx not found" occurs. But xxxxx is there and OK (can be copied to other destinations). From this point on, no other file can be copied to this stick - it's like locked and needs a repair-session in a Windows-PC. After that you can go on under MOS and copy this file and the rest without any problems.

    I have had the occasional instance of this happeneing, and you begin to think, did I do something to the stick, to make it do this, but I cannot think of anything that I did externally to the stick/pen-drive/flash drive that would have caused this anomaly to occur, so there seems to be credence in what Amigaharry2 has said on this topic, from my experience.

    Amigaharry2 wrote: Under SFS a "filesytem error" occurs sometimes after a big bunch of copied files (up to 50000). In that case only new format helps......

    I can't say I have ever formatted on a permanent basis a USB stick/flash/pen- drive as SFS, they remain FAT formatted as they are more useful for transfer of data to other systems - if they work consistently! ;-)
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