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    Crashed also under SFS - and it's not depending on Hardware (Mac, Peg, Efika, NEC or VIA-Chip). Some Sticks/CF/SD crash earlier, others later - it is repeatable......
    It does not depend to self powered devices or powered by USB-port (only Sticks/SD/CF-devices - not HD -> see below)
    I've also tested a lot of different branded sticks/CF/SD. I cannot believe that they all are faulty.

    Indeed, there are sometimes strange errors useing FAT: During copying some files (e.g. about 3GB) to a 8GB-stick, suddenly "Cannot copy xxxxx because xxxx not found" occurs. But xxxxx is there and OK (can be copied to other destinations). From this point on, no other file can be copied to this stick - it's like locked and needs a repair-session in a Windows-PC. After that you can go on under MOS and copy this file and the rest without any problems.

    Under SFS a "filesytem error" occurs sometimes after a big bunch of copied files (up to 50000). In that case only new format helps......

    Very, very rarely I had such crashes also on USB-HDs - I think in that cases it depends more on a weak powersource, because it doesn't occur on selfpowered devices (till yet)

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