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    Amigaharry2 wrote:
    But if you or MOS-Team does anything in that case, please check whole poseidon-stack! There are very old issues (since MOS2.0?) which causes serious problems when copying a lot of files to a USB-device (crashes filesystem, locks Stick, aso.). Sometimes FAT-formated sticks has to be repaired in a PC to use them further on MOS. Try to copy a whole system-partition in one run to a Stick and you will see what I mean - and this affects all machines (Apple, BPlan and afaik AON) and all sticks, CF/SD-cards and some USB-HDs i've tested - and I've done a lot.......

    But would the bug be in Poseidon or in the FAT filesystem? I've used SFS formatted USB sticks and HDs for MorphOS backups and those medias have never failed here. But I have got few broken USB sticks that have been in the FAT format... so.. what to blame? From my point of view it could be the filesystem instead of the USB stack... although FAT formatted real HDs (with external psu) have never failed here either...
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