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    It's totaly understandable that your family needs your time more then anyone else!
    For the moment we have a workaround" by useing older 3.11-installation or (in my case) useing an EFIKA or PEG2 (as I wrote above, only Apple-machines are affected).

    But if you or MOS-Team does anything in that case, please check whole poseidon-stack! There are very old issues (since MOS2.0?) which causes serious problems when copying a lot of files to a USB-device (crashes filesystem, locks Stick, aso.). Sometimes FAT-formated sticks has to be repaired in a PC to use them further on MOS. Try to copy a whole system-partition in one run to a Stick and you will see what I mean - and this affects all machines (Apple, BPlan and afaik AON) and all sticks, CF/SD-cards and some USB-HDs i've tested - and I've done a lot.......
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