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    I use an Apple MacMini 1.5GHz (Silent Upgrade) most of the time/predominantly, and using the Boot CD can bypass that failure with later versions of SCANdal, and later installations >= v3.12, but it really is a process I don't like to have to use.

    Fortunately, thanks to Guido Mersmann, I have the CD "injected" with my registered licence key, so it doesn't time out after 30 minutes, but I'd really appreciate you finding the time to fix this issue, along with other betatesters, as it has been a factor for far too long now.

    The USB lock-up of the underlying Poseidon system makes it potentially a real nightmare, fortunately I know it's going to cause a problem if I do switch it off or disconnect it, but why is it the only removal of any USB hardware, AFAIK, that causes this major USB software failure with MorphOS?
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