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    Now that MorphOS v3.15 has been released I was hoping that at least one of the issues I mentioned with SCANdal (now at v1.10) would have been fixed, but neither of the ones I mentioned quite recently have been fixed.

    So, the Epson 1640SU scanner is initially recognised on the USB bus, when it is connected to the SCANdal interface it is recognised as being available, but when you try to use SCANdal v1.10 from the v3.15 MorphOSBoot CD, or after installation, it does exactly what it did before, on earlier MorphOS releases, that means ones released after v3.11 - and generates an error requester "Communication error" so you cannot scan with it from the installed system. The only way to use the scanner is to boot from the earlier MorphOSBoot CD (<= v3.11) that recognises and load and communicates correctly, without errors, with the scanner, so that's the versions before and including v3.11, as version 3.12 and later are non-functional in this regard AFAIK.

    Additionally, there is still the situation of the USB2 system being blocked by switching off/disconnecting the scanner, and is still a matter that needs to be fixed, sometimes it doesn't just block, it actually "locks/freezes" the USB prefs control panel after switching off or disconnecting the scanner from the USB system/hub, and then you need to do a warm reboot as you cannot add any other USB device to the system as it won't get recognised.

    So, the scanner issues still need to be addressed:

    1. so it releases its "lock" on the USB system when it is switched off or on/off/on, etc. or detached from the USB system. This is still an annoying issue, and has been with MorphOS since I started using it about 7 years ago.
    2. The "Connection error" needs to be fixed, as there is no subsequent useability of SCANdal once you've installed it, later than version 3.11, or boot from any MorphOSBoot CD, including, and since, the release of v3.12, which I believe was released on 1st October 2019. :-(
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