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    Hi Frank, and thanks for the quick reply on this thread, and I wish you and your family (MorphOS Dev. Team - haha) a very Happy Christmas to you all. 8-)

    I'll send in a bug report on the jpeg/jpg issue, as it seems it is also affecting Sketch as well, which when you request it to save as a jpeg/jpg it fails to deliver. Ask it to save as a PNG and you get a png file, the same issue with VPDF. Bug-Report to follow soon.

    [UPDATE] - the JPEG/JPG issue seems to have been resolved with the release/installation of v3.15 of MorphOS

    The issue with SCANdal seems to be part of the MorphOS/SCANdal software infrastructure itself, as Amigaharry2 and I have both been able to get it to function on our Apple hardware - but only with older MorphOS releases, when v1.6 of SCANdal was available.

    Both the later versions of SCANdal and the earlier ones use the same Epson2.device in my case, so it's not the driver it seems, but somewhere in the code that references the USB, as I get a communication error message. The Epson 1640SU scanner device, connected via USB2 is acknowledged by MorphOS when I plug in/switch on, and it connects to the program as it should. It is just that it fails to communicate for whatever reason, probably something that's been "tweaked" since v3.7 was released, though I can try some of the later versions to see where I get to with the MorphOSBoot CDs revisions as to where the program stops working from the Boot CDs - if that would be of any use?

    The instance of the USB2 system being blocked by switching off/disconnecting the scanner is also a matter of some disquiet, and has been a problem since I first used SCANdal, and seems has never been addressed, which is not what I would have hoped to be able to report back was the case. It needs fixing ASAP. It may also be part of the problem as to why SCANdal is not working any more with Apple hardware, so please get this situation fixed, I really would appreciate it, after such a long wait for the right kind of progress to be achieved. 8-D
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