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    While I'm on the topic of software that zukow generally is associated with I also noticed that the saving of PDFs as bitmaps, in particular the graphic format JPEG/JPG goes through the motion of showing it is saving the files, but in fact fails to do so on my MacMini system, so that too needs looking at. I don't know if this has been forwarded as a "bug report" but if it has not than I will do so, I just don't like sending duplicate "bug reports" in for matters that have already been noticed, and are being looked into being fixed.

    If this is unrelated to Scandal, please file a separate bug report. While I don't really understand what you are referring to as I'm not familiar with SCANdal's saving of data, this sounds like a problem that is related to VPdf and not SCANdal, correct me if I'm wrong.
    Also keep in mind that bug reports in a way like this get easily lost if they are hidden in a MorphZone thread.

    Back to the topic of SCANdal, I don't think that this problem can be addressed in the upcoming "bugfix" release but requires some more investigation into the whole topic.
    This definitely should be fixed with the next major release, though. It is a pity that it is already apparent for this long but this won't make it easier to fix, either, especially if additional hardware is involved.
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