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    Hi all, so ...

    1) Scandal and its drivers are based on Betascan by Svend Daugaard Pedersen, which based his drivers on SANE linux package. 68k version is still available on Aminet with some of the scanners.
    2) FXScan was commercial version of Betascan made by Iospiryt (there was FXScan lite in Genesi bundle for MorphOS). FxScan used the same drivers as Betascan, just has extended gui, ocr abilities etc.
    3) SCANdal, made as simple freeware frontend for Betascan drivers for all who didn't want 29euro for FxScan, uses the same Betascan drivers
    4) Scanquix uses different set of drivers, not compatible with betascan.
    5) There is only one really working USB driver for 68k. It's epsonusb.device, included in FXScan but also in Thylacine package. EpsonUSB driver makes use of usbraw.device, for bulk transfers.
    6) Most of USB Sane drivers does't use bulk transfer so i made nearly correct implenention of USB part of SANE for Poseidon, although disconnection doesn't work properly. Need to be fixed, yes.
    7) Gt68xx scanners are pure shit, they have worst quality.
    8) My list of best scanners are: Epson1640SU, CanonLide 210 and Mustek ScanExpress 600.
    9) I know about usb issues, although i don't have time to check it in this month, if somebody has time, please check if drivers/scandal from any morphos release works with 3.13. It may be a problem with Poseidon itself. My 1640Su also recently refuses to work some time.It's really strange as it has worked for the last 10 years.
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