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    Actually I think Scanquix will initiate on MorphOS, it's just the practical part of there not being a direct support for SCSI on some of the Apple hardware, in particular as far as it concerns me, as I use a MacMini mainly, so there is no way to add-in a SCSI card or use parallel or serial leads, which are the primary devices it was intended/developed for it to be connected to Amiga hardware, not specifically to the Mac Mini - I only wish it had been.

    Andreas Gunther, author of ScanQuix did create a USB driver for some of the scanners of the time, and probably the Epson one he did work on would support the 1640SU scanner, but I don't have that USB add-in software.

    Having said that I haven't fiddled with the settings much over the last few years to see if it will recognise the Epson 1640SU on the usbscsi.device of Poseidon, so that is a possibility I suppose.

    If you've got a PowerMac with PCI slots you might try a SCSI card in those and see if ScanQuix would work that way. I do have a PowerMac G5 with PCI slots, and I have a few SCSI cards, but they are stored away, not easy to get at for the time being so that could be an option to try, and I haven't tried that option either at the moment.

    The issue for you might be getting hold of/buying if from ScanQuix 5 at Vesalia who used to sell it don't seem to have it listed in their product list anymore, though that seems to be a 'holding page' for it.

    FxScan v4 - IOSpirit - no longer available, but weblink info to read was also a possibility, but then again IOSpirit (Felix Schwarz) left the Amiga scene some time ago (2007). If you can get hold of FxPaint CD then I believe there was a free trial version of FxScan on there, though I think it needs a Serial Number to use it, but I'm sure this can be acquired if need be. You can probably get the files for all of these programs from some of the Amiga based websites that hold application software on them.

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