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    Amigaharry2 wrote: @ NewSense: as jacadcaps wrote, logging into ebay.uk from here works flawlessly. You may try a login with OWB (works too), to find out, whether there is a problem with your net.

    I realise now what the issue might have been, well it's the only, sort of, logical reason I can come up with . . .

    I had been using v4.4, which I was having loading issues with, and then reverted back to using v4.3, which I seem to remember also had a few (fewer) HTTP/2 issues, and then just installed/loaded v4.5, prior to any reboot, and probably the issues I had been encountering with v4.4 and v4.3 were still within/affecting my networking/system.

    So, loading v4.5 prior to a cold reboot seems to have still been influenced by the earlier versions. The issues I was encountering do now seem to have been 'flushed' from my system, and v4.5 is working as it seems everyone else is finding, a big improvement over v4.4. :-)

    Frankly, a while back you could not login as a member to ebay.co.uk with OWB, but it seems now it works, even the recaptcha image security panel can be completed, though the selling page does not render as it should, but it's nice to know it can be used as a stop-gap, if required. 8-D

    I should also add that from my own perspective, I owe a debt of gratitude, that I will never likely to be able to fully repay, to you both - jacadcaps & Piru, and anyone else (including jPV) involved in working on/testing Wayfarer, and even though I have donated a few times I feel I would not be as content with MorphOS unless we had a web-browser as capable as Wayfarer on MorphOS - so I am really grateful to you for all your efforts, I just wanted to say it, as such comments often go unsaid. 8-D
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