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    Pity. :-(

    I was checking an ebay message I got very recently that had an attached image, and it seems that ebay have 'tweaked' their JavaScript handling of such messages recently as clicking on the image no longer loads it as a magnified image in an overlaid window process. All that is ever displayed is the mini-thumbnail image that is as-shown on the message, no separate process is triggered so the image attached is never displayed. Can this be fixed?

    Another image issue on ebay, is that when an item's image is clicked on, its gallery of other images, if there are any, are laid out below it, so when you move the mouse cursor out of the lower half of image(s)' screen the gallery view in a white border, about 1/4 of the height of the screen, is supposed to drop out of view to the bottom of the screen, but it doesn't, though it used to. So, you cannot see the lower section of the item's image that you are trying to view. The only option is to download the image to see it fully. This might all be connected with the other image issue, though the problem I mentioned in the above paragraph is much more recent an issue than the gallery one, but I forgot to mention the gallery issue previously.

    Also, I just remembered another image issue, that is when you "hover" over a listing's image, the image is supposed to magnify, but that too doesn't happen, there used to be a pop-up oval framed white bordered message that should appear to state if you hover over the image it will zoom/magnify, but that message doesn't even seem to appear of recent times. So, these issues may all be connected in some JavaScript issue that Wayfarer isn't handling correctly currently. ;-)
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