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    jacadcaps wrote: Wayfarer 3.0 ... In addition to updating the WebKit core, this version includes ...
    - Added cookie/cache cleaning menu options

    I can only see a menu option in the settings drop-down menu, that allows for deleting all the cookies, not specific cookie(s) or management of cookie(s) website(s) as such. Additionally, on the settings page itself there is no option to manage cookie(s), so it is only on the right-click drop-down menu, which can easily be overlooked.

    However, I hope that a more elaborate, and more useful cookie management feature is intended to be implemented for Wayfarer in the near future, along with an item on the Settings page to mirror the drop-down menu option? :-?

    I have usually encountered issues with specific cookies for websites that need to be managed/deleted, but rarely, if ever, have I encountered an issue with all my cookies where they all needed to be deleted, which is the only option currently offered by this menu feature, which I could manage that way by deleting the cookie.jar.db file in the Cache directory that contains all the cookie(s) anyway. :-/

    I appreciate it's no easy task creating a cookie management feature, and fortunately one isn't needed that often, usually, but when it is, I can't think of a situation where you want to, by choice, delete all your cookies to start again from 'scratch' (zero).
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