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    geit wrote: Do you use Bold or Italics? For the naming? Text length calculation was broken before, got fixed and now needs a little more screen space as it could before render out of the mui text area.

    If it's fixed now . . . why is it still broken? I didn't change anything from my previous setup which worked correctly, but now doesn't, so it seems to me to be something that has been "tweaked" to a state of being broken. :-)

    I do use Bold text in my menus but changing it doesn't make any difference, and I want to use Bold text anyway.

    geit wrote: Also check the font and size used.

    I don't want to use a smaller font as that's not easy enough to read, so what has been changed, needs to be fixed, so it's not still broken. :-D

    geit wrote: As always a screenshot would be nice, as "cm" values are not really helping.

    If I could upload a screenshot directly to the forum rather than have to pass the screenshot as a hosted image linked from another website/URL then I would do so, but as this is not directly possible then I won't/can't. So, cms are all I can offer at this time.

    In any case I thought my explanation of the shortened spelling of the intended menu wording would be sufficient to work out that something is wrong with v3.16, as it worked OK with v3.15, and all previous versions since I became a registered user, about 9 years ago? :-)

    jacadcaps wrote: Easy way to fix: remove styling in MUI Settings > Menus > Popup Menus. We'll see that this gets fixed for 3.17.

    I was already on Popup Menus and changing the font from Bold in both the click button to change it to Plain/Bold/3D, and changing the font in the requester options from the Bold option makes no difference, unless I need to do a reboot to see that change then function as you state it should? :-?

    It even affects BubbleHelp, so where it should state "Empty" for an empty tab it states "Empt", and for right context menus it affects that as well, so instead of "Select All" it displays "Select A". :-(

    If I add an extra letter onto the end of a Quick-Link name it adds the letter back on, so if I have normally (pre-v3.16) had "MOS Zone" it now displays "MOZ Zon", but adding the extra letter "MOS Zonee" it displays what it should, and the same applies to virtually all my Quick Links, but it does run out of space for the letters to be able to squeeze all the text/names into the one line, so I cannot add letters onto all the Quick-Link names, some are still shown minus at least 1 letter that should be on their name(s).

    Having said all this, this seems to be a mistake by the team, and not by me as a user. I am not overly concerned by it, as it's only a minor/irritating issue, but it seems to have got broken as the Dev. Team were trying/intended to have fixed it. 8-)

    So, I'll wait patiently for v3.17 to come around to hopefully fix this issue. 8-D

    Additionally: images in some ebay message are being displayed stretched in the vertical axis/aspect (10x approx.) their intended aspect, the width/horizontal aspect is correct so they virtually fill the left side length/margin of the whole message page for the reply containment area, which seems to be something that ebay have tweaked, possibly/probably due to changes in the JavaScript handling of images, as I am not aware of any other factor that affects it? :-?
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