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    I've just installed v3.16 as an update, and now find that in Wayfarer my Quick Links, and the MUI embedded menu have shrunk, so that where it should have "Wayfarer | Edit | Bookmark | Tab | Debug | Settings" it now has "Wayfar | Edi | Vie | Bookmark | Tab | Debu| Settin", and where I have 18 Quick Links that used to fit the width of the screen nicely, as-in just fit, I now have a 2cm gap at the right hand edge and some of the letters on most of the quick link buttons have lost 1 or more letters and there doesn't seem to be a way to re-instate them for the moment. :-(

    Has anyone else noticed this issue, &/or know a way to fix it? :-?

    This issue also affects my v3.15 Wayfarer v2.9 installation, so it has to be something that has been caused by installing v3.16 it seems. :-?
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