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    I am the most, very most stupid man in the world....
    I cannot believe it myself...

    I was following Jacek's tip and opened Screen prefs. Okay:
    Ambient - RadeonX1650 24Bit 1920 x 1080.

    BUT: After I wanted to edit that, there were only modes for the HD5450!!! :((
    First I thought: ohhhh, there went somethong wrong. MorphOS does not correctly recognize my gfx board any longer...and the second thought was: Is the X1650 actually installed...???


    Some weeks ago I did some tests with different gfx boards (HD5450, X1650, X1950 Pro/XT) and finally - please do not ask me why - I did not install again the X1650, which was the goal (watching YT videos!!!!), but the HD5450.

    So embarrassing!

    Please apologize!

    The best: Not only YT works with Wayfarer, everything is so much faster.
    MorphOS developer: PLease support more current gfx boards. It is such a difference.
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