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    NewSense wrote:

    Primax wrote: PS: The info about system partition said: "Filesystem: FFS LNFS"

    If you've got a Fast FileSystem hard drive partition then I don't think SFSDoctor is going to be of any use. I cannot be sure of that as I've never used a MorphOS system with an "alien" filesystem, as I always use SFS for MorphOS partitions, though I sometimes have FAT and basic Mac partitions to allow me to swap data between systems.

    Yeah, SFSDoctor is for the SFS, not for FFS, so it's no help here.


    I used to use DiskSalv on Amiga systems, but I'm not sure what recovery tools for HDDs there are for Amiga FFS filesystems, with long-filename support, especially if the filesystem is from an OS4.x partition.

    I think that 68k FFS repair software only works partitions under 2GB size... and if it really is 8GB in this case, I wouldn't dare to try.


    Primax wrote: And: If I boot via boot stick I get the error message: "error validating System Block 10990838 bad header type". . .

    FFS has the infamous "validating" feature... the filesystem breaks easily when you reboot or crash while writing into it, and then it has an internal feature that should validate the drive back to the working state. The validating process used to take a looong time, at least on 68k Amigas. The partition is read-only while validating and constant processing slows all other things too.

    It sounds that there's error while it tries to validate the partition now and it can't complete the task. It happened time to time on 68k Amigas and then you had some repair tools, which were successful in most cases... but as said, they are probably outdated now, but I'd try to find out if there are more modern tools for OS4 or so...

    In any case, if you have important stuff there, make backups. If you have to re-format it, it might be better to use SFS for MorphOS partition.
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