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    Primax wrote: PS: The info about system partition said: "Filesystem: FFS LNFS"

    If you've got a Fast FileSystem hard drive partition then I don't think SFSDoctor is going to be of any use. I cannot be sure of that as I've never used a MorphOS system with an "alien" filesystem, as I always use SFS for MorphOS partitions, though I sometimes have FAT and basic Mac partitions to allow me to swap data between systems.

    I used to use DiskSalv on Amiga systems, but I'm not sure what recovery tools for HDDs there are for Amiga FFS filesystems, with long-filename support, especially if the filesystem is from an OS4.x partition.

    What hardware are you running your MorphOS system on anyway, as I can't see where you mentioned that, maybe I've overlooked it, but I couldn't see it mentioned. :-?

    Primax wrote: And: If I boot via boot stick I get the error message: "error validating System Block 10990838 bad header type". . . So, what would you say? Should I give SFSDoctor a try...?

    As I mentioned before if it's a FFS partition then SFSDoctor doesn't sound like the tool to recover an "alien" partition, you need a tool that can recover a LongFilename FFS partition, which I don't think SFSDoctor can fix.
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