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    Primax wrote:

    But I have now a much bigger problem: I cannot boot into MorphOS any longer :(
    I see the blue butterfly and then a wihte screen...I used now my USB and I see that the system harddrive is full. Is that normal? 0% free, 8GB full. And I see a red bar on the icon. This definitely was not there before...Any ideas?

    When you see the butterfly boot image, it means that it can load something from the partition, which means it isn't totally broken. Maybe it just stucks at boot when it can't write something to HDD because it's full?

    When you boot from the installation media, can you see files on the partition? Can you check directory sizes and see if there's some huge dir for some reason that would explain why it's full? Are you using some other filesystem for the system partition because it isn't shown in SFSDoctor? What does the Info command tell you in the shell?

    Also if you can access the files, do a backup before trying to delete any file to make space or any other write operation.

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