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    jacadcaps schrieb:
    Not sure what you mean. It returns immediately with "6: Couldn't resolve host name" here... Something with your DNS perhaps?

    I know now that this URL is shut-down, but here it does'nt do anything after calling this site. No message "Can't resolve.....", etc. I even cannot return to last page manually, nor loading any other site. Wayfarer seems to hang in a endless(?) loading loop and have to be quit (quitting works!). DNS works in all other cases flawless.....
    This behaviour I've only seen at this (now) closed URL. It's a forum for motorcycles, whitch seems to be shut down a few days ago. I did'nt know this, thus I tried to call it. Could that be influenced by HD-cache? Maybe it's time to clear the cache ....?
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