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    Amigaharry2 wrote:

    Some weeks ago, it was possible to jump forwards or backwars by moving the slider (picture) with mouse-pointer (did'nt change settings). Now it's not possible any more.......

    It may be that YouTube has changed something at their end... I'm pretty sure that I was earlier able to jump to a new position in the video just by clicking the wanted position on the slider, on both Wayfarer and my tablet, but now neither of them does that anymore.

    I now found that I can jump to a new position on the tablet by dragging while pressing any position at the slider (no need to grab the knob either), but that trick doesn't seem to work with Wayfarer. Maybe Wayfarer/MUI takes such an action for something else, because mouse pointer changes to a text cursor when I try to do it.. and then many times the only result is that the whole video area changes to blue like marked text.
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