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    jacadcaps wrote:
    hCaptcha has never worked. No idea why - remember this stuff is written with the goal to be very very hard to debug.

    Does that page (https://www.k-ruoka.fi/) not work directly for you, either? One other user tested the page with freshly installed Wayfarer, and for him it opens directly! But I am redirected always to the checking, even with fresh installation. For comparison, Linux browsers with the same hardware and net connection do not have that issue.

    So, what can cause this kind of problem...? Is the issue in MOS network software or settings?


    As for areena.yle.fi/audio, I'll try to figure this out when I have a moment. It loads the MP3 just fine, it never seems to want to start the playback though.

    Thanks! That would be a wellcome improvement as most PPC Linux browsers do not anymore work with that site.
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