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    I have found an interesting problem with hard disk cache, with the files inside the Curl, they can crash the hard disk clusters, and they are impossible delete from hard disk, although the worst is use the PFSDoctor program.... Now Wayfarer has a partition in exclusive for it.

    Wayfarer doesn't write anything in a different way than other apps. It does write a LOT though (mainly not cache, but SQL files). And yes, if you reboot/crash during write, some file systems may eventually fail. Welcome to Amiga.

    This is why I softlink all my cache directories to ram disk, also with Wayfarer. Then it will be fast (no slowdown from hd access) and safe (no corrupted filesystems).

    And if I want to have something saved then I use ENVARC/ENV for the cache directory... program's dir points to ENV, but I can save certain states of the cache (with cookies or similar) to ENVARC when I want.
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