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    I know Wayfarer has a "Save As" option for many downloads, but these downloads are downloaded/cached to the default folder that Wayfarer has set to store those files to and the files as they are downloaded are seemingly spooled/pieced/concatenated to the folder they are intended to be saved to.

    So, you can end up with the HDD that Wayfarer is on getting filled up while the files download/transfer to the "Save As" destination folder/partition, which has on occasion caused my HDD, which is where Wayfarer usually runs from, becoming full and the download(s) stalls. Whereas the folder/HDD/partition the file(s) were requested to have them saved to has plenty of storage space remaining, but cannot accept the data as the data has stalled due to the folder Wayfarer stores the downloads on becoming full.

    Is there a way to get the files to download - directly to where you want to save them to, rather than this indirect "Save As" method which can cause these issues? :-?
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