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    Thanks again for this great new browser for MorphOS!

    Coming from my comment out of the news section: Wayfarer cannot load/use GMX portal normally (was possible ealier - but maybe GMX changed sth.). CPU usage runs up to 100% and stays there. Other apps still work (while being much slower of course).

    Already tried a clean new install of Wayfarer, installing a previous version, changing all kinds of settings including browser ID but nothing works. GMX portal cannot be used at all unfortunately.

    Could this topic be related to the rendering engine since GMX portal runs fine on other devices using different browsers (Firefox, Safari, Edge, ...)?

    Are there any kind or detail information I can somehow provide to get this topic more clear (logs, debug infos, system specs, etc.)?

    (When using it in OWB I can login and work normally but OWB is not capable of showing email content in read area nor any kind of icons at each email (delete icon etc.). Seems to be the case that OWB does not recognise the clicks on these mails resp. their icons. )
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