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    Don't post here since a long time but I want to say it again : thx Jaca, Wayfarer is a really incredible and awesome piece of software.

    I want to point out a "bug" with games (Interactive Fiction) created with Moiki.fr. If you try to launch a game, the loading halts with the downloading of sounds ("téléchargement des sons"). You can try one of my IF here : https://moiki.fr/social-club/batteman/speleologie-en-aveugle/play (it's in french, sorry ^^)
    (OWB succeeds to load it, after a more or less long time).

    But, the very good news is we can use Moiki Editor with Wayfarer !
    So, we can create and edit IF ! But we can't test them, even in the editor, for the moment.

    Thx !
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