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    @ jacadcaps - but what is the Required User Gesture?

    Though I see the v2.3 menu has now been amended to state "Requires User Gesture to Play" which explains it better, and I see the MUI help seems to have a better explanation - "Block auto play of media without user interaction"

    Would "user action required to start to play media", maybe with "allows website to load all initial media data prior to user triggering playing" explain the meaning of the option button more simply? Though your explanation above makes understanding why the "gesture/action" should be implemented for certain sites, and is in effect probably a last resort to allow the full website media data that is being requested to be loaded - has to be delayed until the full initial loading has completed before a user takes specific action to start the media playing.

    This was not clear at all, well not to me, to understand why the "Requires User Gesture ( to Play v2.3)" radio button was there from the initial release, and in what circumstances it should be considered or triggered as a last resort, but I understand its use now - following your explanation.
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