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    NewSense wrote:
    Using version 2.3 without any transferred Cache seems to have resolved/fixed the hCaptcha "Rate limited or network error. Please retry".
    So, maybe it was a cookie issue? :-?

    As others have pointed out, it's most likely a USB issue. My guess would be some http cached file got only partially written to drive due to crashing/rebooting/usb/whatever and you were being served half a JavaScript file instead of a full one, or something like this. I have this happen once in a while but I crash a lot when doing some of the tests so it's kind of expected.


    Video with version 2.3 does seem to be more fluid, but on the Formula 1 website I still don't get any audio with the video.

    Loaded https://www.formula1.com/en/latest/video.race-highlights-2021-austrian-grand-prix.1704370404771962147.html just now on a 1.5GHz mini. Waited for page to load (until CPU goes down), then Settings menu > www.formula1.com >
    - Media Playback: on
    - Media Source Playback: on
    - Require User Gesture: on (that's important)
    - HLS Streaming: on
    - VP9: off (you really don't want VP9 OFF a mini, it's way too slow)
    - HVC: off (it's also way too slow on a mini)
    - Decode video: on
    - Spoofing: Wayfarer

    If "Require User Gesture.." was off before, you might want to reload the page now. Once ready, press the big play button, wait for a bit, it's start loading and show you the preview picture again with the player bar accessible. Select SD quality, then press play. It's not gonna be great but it will play, with audio. The player on this website alternates streams mid-play (changes qualities as it sees fit), so you'll see some stalls. Nothing I can do about this, this is fully controlled via JavaScript.

    If it's still too slow, put Wayfarer on a faster drive. Loading websites writes a LOT of data to a drive and using a slow medium like USB will negatively impact performance at a time when you already have no margin left, if only because USB I/O normally needs more CPU than regular HDD I/O.

    If it's still too slow, tough luck.

    I'll look into why there's no sound when spoofing as Safari/iOS when I have the time.

    Edit: after a quick analysis of the HLS stream (the one you get with Safari/iOS), turns out this is a special case (oh joy) where the audio is a separate HLS sub-stream. No promises on whether this is ever going to be supported, as it's a lot of extra work for a single website.

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