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    Using version 2.3 without any transferred Cache seems to have resolved/fixed the hCaptcha "Rate limited or network error. Please retry".

    So, maybe it was a cookie issue? :-?

    I don't know if this has fully resolved the issue, but I have had one hCaptcha Security Measure check - with the picture/image boxes/squares, whilst using eBay that I was able to complete with version 2.3 so probably it was something from within the Cache that had limited access to logging in/being verified as bona fide using Wayfarer, but it seems, at least for the moment, to be resolved.

    If I get further issues then I'll obviously report the matter here, but if there was a cookie manager then I'd have been able to "flush" only the cookie for eBay and try just that, whereas I'd have to flush all the cookies otherwise/currently as this is not possible to access/manage the individual cookies from within Wayfarer.

    Video with version 2.3 does seem to be more fluid, but on the Formula 1 website I still don't get any audio with the video.
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