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    jacadcaps wrote: Your problems may be caused by a caching issue. Deleting the 'Cache' folder in your Wayfarer 2.2 installation path (when it's not running) could help.

    When I install the latest version I always delete from the Cache the Curl and Storage contents.

    However, I don't usually delete the ___IndexedDB or FavIcons or the cookie.jar.db . . .

    So, if you think this might help I'll try that with your latest release of Wayfarer v2.3 8-D - for which I am, as always very appreciative of all your hard work to keep updating and fixing this great program, when it becomes necessary, due to pests like me 8-) .

    If the cookie.jar.db, or one of the other Cache components might be upsetting this "hCaptcha" process working as intended then I would obviously want to eliminate it, so I will try v2.3 with no saved cache contents and see how that functions, and report back here (unless I get a Crash Reporter in the meantime).
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