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    @ Zetec-s - OK, I'm glad you've been able to login, but if you can get in with Wayfarer v2.2 then what is blocking me using v2.2, but allowng me to use v1.21 without any trouble? :-?

    Havng said that, I can sometimes login with v2.2, it's just when the hCaptcha - Security Measure gets activated that I cannot get past that part of logging in. :-(

    Additional to that problem I also come up against "You don't have permission to access "http://pay.ebay.co.uk/xo?" on this server. Reference #18.f63b3717.1625679647.12d9ebd0" when I try to pay for some items on eBay, and I end up paying when I've loaded v1.21 without any issues, so it's not just something simple it seems to me.

    Could it be a cookie problem or something else within the settings, some sort of corruption of data that was transferred from an earlier version of Wayfarer? :-?

    Though having said that the settings I have for v2.2 were carried over, mainly, from v1.21, so that doesn't seem to indicate where the problem might be. :-/
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