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    It seems that eBay are managing (partially) to "block" Wayfarer users/members of eBay from logging in by "limiting" the network or marking the network as "Rate limited or network error. Please retry" - with the "hcaptcha" mechanism thus disallowing Wayfarer, when used as a desktop browser (Chrome, Safari, Wayfarer) from being recognised as a currently reputable browser. The other remark on this "hcaptcha" page is "If you are having difficulties with rendering of images on the above verification page, eBay suggests using the latest version of your browser, or an alternate browser listed on the customer service page."

    If I login using my Windows system then the "rating" is defeated as Windows browsers do not seem to get affected by this network limitation/rating, and so this mechanism can be replied to correctly and bypassed until the next time they trigger that mechanism for "hcaptcha" to implement their "Security measure" - which seems to be every time you change from certain aspects of an account to another, such as, from Summary to Purchase History or Messages, so it can be every few hours or even less. Once the hcaptcha has been responded to satisfactorily then I can use Wayfarer to login to my eBay pages, but not until that "hcaptcha" has been responded to correctly via my Windows system.

    Originally/initially, when Wayfarer first came out the "picture blocks", the frame of about 9 images with chimneys, bridges, hills, cars, etc., was generated without problem, but now with this "Rate limited or network error. Please retry" comment above the initial activation block it never generates the "picture blocks" it just starts the concentric circle counter that initiates the "picture blocks" from. So, you cannot verify yourself with the security measure as it never offers the options that allow you to complete the security measure check.

    It's probably only a matter of time before they find a way to "block" Wayfarer from using eBay's site altogether unless some verification directly to eBay &/or hcaptcha is made to have Wayfarer recognised with eBay/hcaptcha as a bonafide web browser that can be trusted/allowed to use their site.

    I have been able to access my pages without having to complete the "hcaptcha" security measure, so far, using Wayfarer as Safari/IOS, but then the pages look generally like a mobile phone app rather than a desktop view.
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