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    Hi Piru - OK thanks for the insight, which I suppose I suspected in any case, but nice that you have stated that in print.

    That said, I just went on the Formula 1's website to watch a video from today's qualifications and it played from start to finish, with both video and audio, all in sync, admittedly at SD quality, but sadly after it completed playing the video Wayfarer crashed (Report sent) and that's on My MacMini 1.5GHz so it's obviously possible for Wayfarer to cope with such media, it just needs to be able to "survive" playing such media and continue working.

    It may well be worth mentioning again that downloads from the Amiga Future website don't function as expected, as instead of them being saved with the names allocated by the website admin they get downloaded as "Load" - that's each and every single download which makes it very difficult to wade through each one - with the name "Load" but each with a suffix number - to find the one you specifically want from, let's say from a series of 30 downloads, that's unless you haven't closed Wayfarer and looked back at the downloads list, but it's quite annoying as this has still not been addressed as yet.

    The day a file can be downloaded using a "Save As" scheme, so you can save it with a name of your own choosing and specific ad-hoc location on your system's storage media will also be a great day!

    Another issue is with the PageStream site as some downloads work OK, and others don't get referred correctly, so you get the title name, but no data transferred or some other anomaly takes place and the download never occurs. This issue does not occur with OWB so there seems to be something in the download mechanism that is mishandling the request in Wayfarer.

    I can send these in as bugs or requests, if required, just let me know if that's needed, but I feel sure I've mentioned at least most of these issues already, but I'm still waiting to know they've been fixed.
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