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    K-L wrote:
    BTW, did you notice that memory is not freed after having played one or several videos?

    Yes. I'm on it.


    Cool_amigaN wrote:
    is it possible to manually add/black list a domain/website to the internal adblock?

    Yes, although it's not as straightforward as you might wish. You have to download EasyList https://easylist.to/easylist/easylist.txt into Wayfarer/Resources. Edit the file to add whatever hosts you want to blacklist. Make sure to stick to the format requirements! Then delete easylist.dat and restart Wayfarer. It will take about 3 minutes to start while the txt is parsed into .dat. After that Wayfarer will load the .dat file with your changes.


    IKE wrote:
    Very impressive jadacaps! Another PayPal donation inbound!

    Thank you!

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