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    Cool_amigaN wrote:
    However, there's something that still bugs me: can't you scroll a webpage left/right with left/right arrow keys

    Added for 1.18.


    Btw, any news regarding dark mode to be enable as option?

    I'll take another look soon. I've tried quickly enabling the option in WebCore, but it didn't build for some reason and I had no time to investigate more.

    Edit: I did take another look. No chances for that for the time being - too much work.


    Also, some times I get WkWebView.curlThread 100% CPU. But w/o any visible reason.

    Interesting. Once this has happened, please run ScoutNG, go to Tasks Tree, find Wayfarer and the curl Thread and press Dump Stack a couple of times. Then save the log using Logtool and email it to me. Thanks!

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