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    NewSense wrote:
    why does v1.12 get the video to play and yet the later versions don't allow it to play?

    Wait, what? Isn't that the version you wrote about in those words:


    Initially I got a side-by-side video, a sort of Picture-In-Picture display, of the video squashed into the frame as though 2 versions of the video were running parallel to one another in sync/same time-frame, but with no audio. So, I reloaded the page and then got audio and video, though there was some stuttering (MacMini 1.5GHz) but more tweaking of the "Deblocking filter" allows better, more fluid/continuous - no/less stuttering, video/audio.

    However, on that page there is a second video of an interview of the driver, and it seems that once the first video/audio has been triggered it does not load up the audio or video for the second video without a complete reload of the page.

    That's an interesting definition of 'works better than in later versions'.
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