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    Cego wrote: formula1.com videoplayer won't be loaded on my setup. Wayfarer 1.16 and Peg2 1GHz. I get a blank area with the background pattern.

    Thanks Cego for at least trying out

    However, did you ... Quote:

    [... swap to another tab and then return back to that tab then the controls are displayed and the initial first video thumbnail is displayed, but that is repeated for every moment time-point of the video sequence - the thumbnail shows as 0:00 at every point on the video sequence timeline ...]

    Do you see the data being downloaded (activity on your network) for the video you triggered?


    jacadcaps wrote - I'm still not testing formula1.com

    I'm aware of that, it's just why does v1.12 get the video to play and yet the later versions don't allow it to play? It's just so you know how it reacts for me, and there does seem to be reason for optimism . . . when you get a moment to check further into other sites and Wayfarer's capabilities/further development. 8-)
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