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    I solved the problem now and V1.16 playes videos as it should. The reason was not Wayfarer.
    At moment I see no reason to downgrade. I mostly use G5 or G4 (1.67GHz) which have enough power to see YT "stutter-free" with astonishing low CPU-load - even on PEG2!. So I'm a bit surprised, that it does'nt do well on a Mini with a 1.4 GHz G4!
    I also cannot really confirm that V1.12 was quicker - ok, I've no V1.12 left to compare now and maybe I don't remember right.....
    Peg2, 3xPowerMac G5, 2xPowerbookG4, 2x MacMiniG4, Efika (again), A3000T and life is never boring.....
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