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    YT video plays fine here since day one, though I confirm 360p only available under safari/ipad spoofing (even after reloading the page). Not that I complain though, I am more than happy with its performance :)

    However, there's something that still bugs me: can't you scroll a webpage left/right with left/right arrow keys (if it exceeds the visible width of Wayfarer's window)? I can scroll up/down (with up/down arrows) but not at any side. On OWB this seems to be working. Or it just happen only to me?

    Btw, any news regarding dark mode to be enable as option?

    Also, some times I get WkWebView.curlThread 100% CPU. But w/o any visible reason. I don't know if there is a log I can capture while this is happening. I mean, Wayfarer doesn't crash, so there is nothing to report, I just have to close the browser completely. Closing any affected tab doesn't do any trick, so I am forced for a complete quit/reload.
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