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    Off to not so good a great start with v1.15 - tried formula1.com - all options tried have failed to load any video. Audio works OK on audio files (Team Radio), but the video play only gets to click on the "Play" triangle, then I get a continuous "loop loading" graphic (commonly used for most websites), and no video.

    Just tried BBC iPlayer and as the video started to load, after the Media file (audio) download request, then Wayfarer "Crashed" - that's my first try with v1.15, sadly there does not seem to be any improvement with this version compared to v1.12 when video worked better, well it actually displayed a video with sound, on formula1.com, and v1.12 also worked better on iPlayer than v1.15 - thus far. I'll keep testing/updating, probably via Crash reports, sadly.

    The crash showed the Acineralla video player had "Frozen". I cannot send the Crash report as it has locked up the whole requester save mechanism of the filesystem, even the Crash report failed to Send, so I am having to report this information via OWB v1.25

    I know you said your focus is on YouTube, but I thought you should know about these sites as well, as Formula1.com is a mainstream worldwide accessible sport interest website, and the BBC site is used a lot in the UK-GB.
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