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    jacadcaps a écrit :
    Spoof as something else, enable Media Source.

    Ah. Some time ago, we were told to spoof as iPad. So did I. I'll try to spoof as a much slower browser.

    Media Source is already enabled.

    Edited : I spoofed as Safari, which loads the way heavier desktop version of YouTube. Video can be played in 720p but everything is too slow (YouTube website loading, playing video which uses a lot more CPU than it used to with the iPad version, videos struggling to start ot not displaying, and so on...).

    Too bad:I deleted the 1.14 version of WayFarer. Otherwise I would have reverted to this one since i could play 720p YT videos in a really smooth way thanks to Safari/iPad spoofing. Desktop version of YouTube is too huge, even for a G5 at 2,7 Ghz and playing video has once again become really painful.

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