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    jacadcaps wrote: NewSense, there's a reason why video playback features are marked as experimental.

    I understnd this, and am happy to be patient on this topic, I know you have done so much already, it just seems to need to be said as I have no idea what has been reported to you, as I don't have access to your "To-Do-List", as I've said before.

    jacadcaps wrote: My only focus right now is on Youtube.

    OK, I'll bear that in mind, and thanks for identifying your current focus for Wayfarer's video capabilities.

    jacadcaps wrote: For reasons already mentioned countless of times I am unable to support BBC so your iPlayer problems are likely here to stay.

    Don't think that/far from it, I am impressed that iPlayer is working at all, but I feel when you get more fixed for other sites then the iPlayer will work better as well.

    In fact, it's working better than Formula1.com currently is, and I'd like to see the F1 website improved also, obviously, as that's more mainstream worldwide than the BBC website, so probably of more interest to other users as well, that aren't in the UK-GB and have access to the BBC sections that non-residents can't access anyway. 8-)

    jacadcaps wrote: I am aware of a few other regressions, they are sure to be fixed eventually.

    OK, I know you're busy on resolving these issues. I just didn't want to let an issue slip past that might be relevant, that's all.

    jacadcaps wrote: WebKitCryptoQueue is unrelated to video playback.

    I am aware of that, it is the fact that Wayfarer had opened 24 threads as multiple tasks, and there was only one tab open!
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