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    Cego wrote: [... The loader splashscreen appears and vanishes with a red flash in the titlebar.]

    I am using it on a Peg2 with 1GHz and 1GB Ram.

    I have reported this error to jacadcaps already - the error *flash* and an error "clang" sound (that's my choice) as I have error sounds set to offer warnings on errors within the system.

    I am not sure if it is RAM related, as to fix it I only needed to delete the old installation and copy a new download with any saved settings/cache/cURL, etc., replaced to get it working again.

    This issue has happened twice to me, and I am glad someone else has suffered the same issue to confirm it was not just my system, and not me alone that was experiencing this issue, not that I am glad you have had to suffer this issue, but it does show it is an error that can be recreated, corroborated by other user(s). So thanks for reporting it here.

    @ jacadcaps - I'm not trying to be a "party-pooper" here but I am experiencing barely any "video utopia" here with virtually any site, no matter what settings I select/save with v1.14.

    My MacMini seems to be downloading the data for a video from a website, as the data activity on my broadband is showing that, but the data transfer does not create any video on screen, so the data is going onto my system, but it never materialises into actual video images.

    I even had the Task Manager showing that the WebKitCryptoQueue had 24 threads running at one time, with one webpage/tab open trying to load a video and there was no video shown, just a busy rotating busy pointer - how is that possible? :-?
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