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    I was playing around with Wayfarer on the BBC website last night and I kind of got BBC iPlayer to work.

    As Jacadcaps said before sound is absolutely fine, but when I dropped the picture quality to low it does play.

    What I've found on all BBC videos (both on iPlayer and their main website) is that when they do play there is quite often a spinning circle in the middle of the screen as if it is loading, however the video is playing at the correct speed so not sure if it is just because it is buffering.

    So impressed with how quickly this has been developed by Jacadcaps and the MorphOS Team. I feel that now its on the edge of making MorphOS a real modern multimedia OS. Just needs that final push and at least on a media side it will be an OS that can handle modern online media.

    Donation to support this is on its way. Keep up the great work, what you are doing is really appreciated.
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