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    jacadcaps wrote: I'd start by running SFSDoctor on your partitions. Certainly not an error I've seen before - especially since nothing in Wayfarer uses clang.

    I knew I shouldn't have used that word "clang" - it's just the best way to describe the sound effect I have for a system fail noise, it's not a bell sound it's more of a "clang" sound - so you know something went wrong, but not a glass-smashing sound as some users use I suppose.

    Anyway, I just deleted the old(er) folder and replaced it with a new installation and all is OK again, and the video files are playing once more, and the video is quite fluid/continuous, so that's quite good for a 1.5GHz MacMini G4 - and/or your video implementation! 8-)

    [Update] - just had to re-install Wayfarer v1.12 yet again with a fresh installation as I got an "error" sound on startup yet again, and videos/audio don't work in Wayfarer v1.12 anymore with that installation (fixed with re-installing) but playing/attempting to play another video also generated a Wayfarer Crash Log -> sent. :-(
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