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    @ jacadcaps - I initially could get the video to run OK on Formula1.com, in fact better in full screen mode, rather than in the webpage window and that's with the MacMini, so I got some good results for a too-slow system it seems.

    Anyway, after having to reboot, following Wayfarer failing to load-up after quitting to free-up system RAM I now get a system "error clang" when I try to load up Wayfarer v1.12 - which never happened with v1.11, and the videos just don't load, only the audio.

    Any idea what's gone wrong? Could it be something in the Wayfarer folders that is affecting it starting up correctly? :-?

    If I load up v1.11 as before I get it to load without any "error clang" it loads normally, and works as it did before, just no video playback.
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