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    jacadcaps wrote:

    Thanks but it actually got a lot worse when I dropped the cache from 465meg to 60meg. Plus 1.6 and 1.7 are both running on the same drive.

    Reducing size may take a while.


    Is it possible to reroute the cache location to, lets say, an USB flash drive? Would that matter?

    You can softlink it whereever you like. That said, USB will likely make it a lot slower. If performance is an issue, I suggest you set the disk cache size to 0, quit Wayfarer, then delete the Wayfarer/Cache/curl folder. An SSD would likely help too.

    I've set cache to 0 , deleted the curl folder and it starts immediately ( Given, I have a SSD ), previously it took about a minute to start.

    Next test, I've set space to 1gb and will see if it slows down again in time.
    Question, will Wayfarer handle the curl directory correctly to do clean ups when it hits the threshold of said limit in the settings?
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