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    Yo Jaca, google maps works again for me, thanks for fixing the bug :)

    In my experience, it's noticeable faster than previous version on my G4 1.6Ghz.

    Will you implement side scrolling with mouse?

    Also, is it possible to have an option for scrolling height selection? Ie. one option with how it works currently and an option for half the pixel distance (like it's on OWB)?

    Basically like I 've stated in the past OWB creates the effect of smooth scrolling, so I think would be cool :)

    Btw, gmaps with satellite view of Athens region consumed 600MB (that was a damn one tab, only!) and needed around 2 mins, topping 99.99% my cpu consumption.

    Boy, how times have changed on the internet requirements.. :/

    Always had the secret hope that Wayfarer will be the final push of our OS port to x64 with some added features :)
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