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    xeno74 wrote:

    Wayfarer does not notice the end of the file and continues to download the file. It could be an issue with the X5000 onboard ethernet. Or Wayfarer can not calculate the size and download time because of an issue with the X5000 onboard ethernet. I can download the file with the Odyssey Web Browser so it isn't a big issue for me.

    As speculated by jPV the file does download just fine. It, however, is decompressed on the fly, and thus it appears as if it would "go past the end". This also throws off the ETA calculation.

    The downloaded file is 100% okay (once it truly completes the download), it's just a ".tar" file then, instead of the expected ".tar.gz".

    Either way, this confusing behaviour is already fixed in the development build and will be released soon as part of the next Wayfarer release.
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